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1. will only store your name, email id, password and predicted scores, Myscoreplay will not ask or store any other details for a user.

2. You will receive updates on the events, sub events and your activities on Myscoreplay through emails, these emails may contain advertising material.

3. You consent to Myscoreplay collecting your name and email address and storing them until you have deleted your account.

4. You can delete your account any time and all your personal data will be removed from Myscoreplay, once you delete the account you will no longer be able to log in or access parts of

5. In case you have deleted your account, you will need to register again to access certain areas of Myscoreplay.

6. If you are a prize winner, Myscoreplay will initially notify you over email and may need to gather further details like telephone number, address or bank details to transfer the prize money, these details will not be held or stored by Myscoreplay and will be used for one time activity. You consent to provide this information being asked of you in case you are a prize winner.

7. If you share your login details to Myscoreplay with others and if these details are being misused by the people with whom you have shared the details then Myscoreplay may not be liable for any damages caused.

8. If there is any security breach or hacking attack on Myscoreplay then Myscoreplay will notify immediately about any impact it may cause to your data or personal details.


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