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1. You need to be 16 or over to play the predictions draw on www.myscoreplay.com.

2. You must register with a valid email address to be able to take part in predicting the scores and take part in the prize draw.

3. You must have an active UK bank account to claim the winning prize.

4. You need to have predicted at least one correct score to be eligible for the prize draw, if no user has predicted a correct score for a particular week/match day then the prize will be void for that week.

5. If there are more than one but not more than ten users with highest score for the weekly draw or overall prize, the prize money will be equally divided among all winners.

6. If there are more than ten users with highest score for the weekly or overall prize then a lucky draw will be done to select the ten winners, lucky draw will be done by www.myscoreplay.com and will be final and binding.

7. Latest scores submitted before the expiry of an event or a sub-event will be considered for the draw.

8. If the user fails to submit the scores before the expiry of the event or sub-event, his or her scores will not be recorded or considered for that draw.

9. www.myscoreplay.com will only store your username, email id, password and predicted scores, www.myscoreplay.com will not ask or store any other details for a user.

10. Your email address may be shared with other third parties or partners which can be used for advertising or send promotional content.

11. www.myscoreplay.com will contact you in case you are a prize winner and will advise you on how the prize can be claimed.

12. In case you are a prize winner, you can claim the prize only in accordance with the www.myscoreplay.com’s prize policy, the prize cannot be exchanged, transferred or changed.

13. By signing up you agree to receive emails from www.myscoreplay.com notifying you of your activities on the website, and you accept that from time to time these emails may contain advertising materials.


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